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Neale Donald Walsch (Pay-Per-View)
In these extra-ordinary times in the awakening of humanity, we question now more than ever, both collectively and individually, “What is the purpose of life?” A journey to where… and why… this passage to ourselves… from ourselves. What is the next level of understanding to know who we really are?
Who shall change our collective experience of life on this planet? Who will create our new cultural story and if not now when? Let us discover and embrace alternative notions of God, of life and each other. Neale invites us all to become that which we know we already are.

Full Length 108 minute DVD production. A lively presentation on God and Love at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center, Colorado. Also includes an Interview with Neale Donald Walsch on the nature of love, and special guest Master Young Hee demonstrates how to find and develop self love.


We chose to promote this production because we resonate with this message. It is a call to step into our uniqueness, to find our sense of love, to be love in every moment.

We commend Neale Donald Walsch for creating and sharing this beautiful presentation. We respectfully ask each of our viewers to head the call, to be the change. As Neale so eloquently reminds us " If not now, when?"

All sales from the broadcast site help to advance our production abilities, hence supporting evolution through informed media. Many thanks to all our viewers.

You can watch this video for 24 hours after the time of purchase.
Price: $4.00

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