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Going Local
Building Community from within

We at LifeAndLove tv support localization because of it's holistic effect upon humankind. Local food production and consumption enhances everything from personal health through community well being and thus global harmony. This is the new form of activism. We believe we now have sufficient public awareness regarding our environmental impact. We are the consumers and we consume food every single day. By eating locally produced food we bring economic flow to our friends and neighbors. Local food production means fresh food consumption, so we all enjoy the consequent health benefits. Much of the food we consume has been shipped thousands of miles to get to our door. When we buy locally produced food we greatly reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. Local food production equates to crop diversity which requires less pesticides and fertilizers. With local food production we enjoy the reappearance of the farmers market, we meet are farmers and our neighbors. Our communities come alive with these gatherings.

In creating the environmental channel on LiveAndLove tv we soon found ourselves immersed in a doom and gloom scenario. There seemed to be so much fear and resentment. Fear of climate change, of fossil fuels running out, of economic collapse etc etc. Resentment of corporate and governmental policy. We decided that we needed soulution. The term often thrown about today is sustainability, how much fun is that? It seemed a bit dull for us all to strive so that we might sustain,and sustain what? Suburbia? The solutions we are looking for are those that greatly enhance our lifestyle. We seek to thrive, to enjoy a vibrant joyous incredible experience here on earth.

Localization creates a foundation for rebuilding community so that we may transform from mediocre hum drum beings into unique vibrant loving individuals.

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