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Going Raw - Living With Live Food
This compilation of life and love tv interviews offers an inspirational perspective on live food nutrition. Designed to both inspire and inform as we transition into the realm of truly vibrant being.

In the early spring of 2007, life and love tv was asked to cover a nutritional presentation on live food nutrition. We were not sure what live food was, but we went along with our cameras to check it out. The magnificent lunch included live vegan cheese cake, green smoothies, a mind blowing salad and other gastronomical delights. We each adopted some part of this new diet. For me, it was the green smoothie, I noticed within a few days that this small change in my food intake had a big impact on my mind and body. I felt fresh and more alive. My focus around my work, editing and such, was noticeably improved. I experienced enhanced clarity and elevated energy levels. Something exciting was happening.

I wanted to learn more, eat more live food and share this information with as many viewers as possible.

After conducting interviews throughout the year, we realized how important nutrition really is for the growth and evolution of humankind. Our vision is to find cutting edge holistic information. Seeking to provide a new form of news, good news, news that guides and informs us all in our quest for a fulfilled lifestyle. We realized that we truly are what we eat.
How can we have clarity if we pollute our bodies? If we ship foods all around the world how can we have a clean planet? If we eat fresh vegetables as opposed to packaged foods then we have so much less to recycle! If we eat less meat, then we save so much water and arable land use. If we eat less meat, then we begin to diversify our crop production. If we eat organic food then we stop using chemicals on our crops.

The list of benefits to humankind seems endless. We all eat each and every day, so, when we talk about reducing consumption... food is the ultimate factor. Mainstream news is filled with reports of global pollution and alarming rates of obesity. This means pollution is utterly prolific ranging from individual to planetary. What we find most exciting is the correlation between enhanced diet and consciousness. All those we interviewed had experienced a heightened awareness, a tangible shift, an uplifting of body mind and spirit.
There is a newly experienced fullness of being. This is truly enlightenment in the making.

Given our aspirations to be as environmentally clean as possible we seek to minimize our imprint by reducing packaging as much as possible. Consequently no plastic wrap or paper will be included with our DVD products. We are currently researching further innovations in terms of non toxic packaging etc.

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