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The Arts
The Don't Quit Poem The Don't Quit Poem
Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder.
To keep on being unique and beautiful
To keep on transforming our world
To be radiant
Length: 0:00
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Robert Koenigs 'Odyssey' sculpture exhibition
At all saints church in Brighton featuring a solo bass recorder performance by Phil Thornton....
Length: 2:30
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Zeitgeist Zeitgeist
Excerpt from the movie
Here and Now, be in the present.
Zeitgeist is originally a German expression that means "the spirit of the age", literally translated as "time (Zei...
Length: 12:42
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Swami Beyondananda - Part 1
Steve Bhaerman is an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. For the past 18 years, he has written and performed as Swami Beyondananda, the “Cosmic Comic.” Swami’s comedy has been...
Length: 5:40
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Swami Beyondananda - Part 1

Featured Article
pilgrimage magazine
I used to try to brew the perfect cup of coffee. I'd grind fresh beans
purchased from a man who roasted them in small batches using only the finest Arabicas grown in volcanic soil at high altitude on an Indonesian Island. Next, I'd pour near-boling mountain spring water over the grounds perking it through a brown chemical- and bleach-free filter into a favorite mug decorated with two hand-painted wolves in full winter coat. My ritual ended with a half-teaspoon of canned milk imported from Holland. I thought I was close to achieving perfection. Then I met Marian.

I met her my first night teaching at the Manzanita Women's Unit of the Arizona
State Prison outside Tucson. It was my first teaching job, and I think I got it because of my enthusiasm and there's a short list of people waiting to teach in prison. That night a guard let me in to what looked like a typical classroom--chalkboard, desks, bulletin boards displaying colorful construction paper flowers and thumb tacked student papers with large encircled "A"s and hand-written comments like GOOD WORK BRENDA! in bright red ink. The only difference between this room and classrooms in the world outside were the windows: two floor-to-ceiling vertical slits so narrow they offered no hope of escape to even the thinnest body.

Three women in prison-issued denim shirts and jeans entered, noted me with
half-interested nods, then continued their conversation at the back of the room. Though I tried to look calm as ...
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The Arts Videos
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footprints footprints
We leave footprints...
Length: 2:22
Ten Seconds To Midnight Ten Seconds To Midnight
Length: 11:07
Human beings or human doings? Human beings or human doings?
Poem By Matthew Crowley...
Length: 9:33
The David Lynch Foundation The David Lynch Foundation
for Consciousness-Based E...
Length: 18:38
The Bottomless Pit The Bottomless Pit
Length: 5:50
Making Paper Making Paper
Length: 8:14
We all want to BE, don't we? We all want to BE, don't we?
A Crestone story...
Length: 10:57
Small Town Shootout Small Town Shootout
Circa 2100 AD...
Length: 1:20
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