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The Arts
Consciousness, Creativity and Education Consciousness, Creativity and Education
The Maharishi University of Management
Consciousness-based education
This is evolved education, this is the future for all schooling.
Length: 13:35
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Making Paper
How to recycle old paper into new.
Home Schooling video from one kid to another.
From the Crestone Charter School
Length: 8:14
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Making Paper

We all want to BE, don't we? We all want to BE, don't we?
A Crestone story
A humorous look at the spiritual town of Crestone. By John Dobson Reading at the Old School house hosted by Pilgrimage Magazine....
Length: 10:57
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The mechanical ghosts of David Karave
Life and Love TV is pleased to present a video from multimedia and robotics artist David Karave. This artist has created a love over fear parody of the US homeland security department's color code thr...
Length: 5:44
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The mechanical ghosts of David Karave

Featured Article
pilgrimage magazine
I used to try to brew the perfect cup of coffee. I'd grind fresh beans
purchased from a man who roasted them in small batches using only the finest Arabicas grown in volcanic soil at high altitude on an Indonesian Island. Next, I'd pour near-boling mountain spring water over the grounds perking it through a brown chemical- and bleach-free filter into a favorite mug decorated with two hand-painted wolves in full winter coat. My ritual ended with a half-teaspoon of canned milk imported from Holland. I thought I was close to achieving perfection. Then I met Marian.

I met her my first night teaching at the Manzanita Women's Unit of the Arizona
State Prison outside Tucson. It was my first teaching job, and I think I got it because of my enthusiasm and there's a short list of people waiting to teach in prison. That night a guard let me in to what looked like a typical classroom--chalkboard, desks, bulletin boards displaying colorful construction paper flowers and thumb tacked student papers with large encircled "A"s and hand-written comments like GOOD WORK BRENDA! in bright red ink. The only difference between this room and classrooms in the world outside were the windows: two floor-to-ceiling vertical slits so narrow they offered no hope of escape to even the thinnest body.

Three women in prison-issued denim shirts and jeans entered, noted me with
half-interested nods, then continued their conversation at the back of the room. Though I tried to look calm as ...
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Zeitgeist Zeitgeist
Excerpt from the movie...
Length: 12:42
footprints footprints
We leave footprints...
Length: 2:22
Ten Seconds To Midnight Ten Seconds To Midnight
Length: 11:07
Human beings or human doings? Human beings or human doings?
Poem By Matthew Crowley...
Length: 9:33
The David Lynch Foundation The David Lynch Foundation
for Consciousness-Based E...
Length: 18:38
The Bottomless Pit The Bottomless Pit
Length: 5:50
Small Town Shootout Small Town Shootout
Circa 2100 AD...
Length: 1:20
Burning Man Burning Man
Patricia Neeb...
Length: 6:49
Moby Moby
The Creative Process...
Length: 11:33
1- 10 of 29
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