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Boulder Valley Relocalization Boulder Valley Relocalization
In a globalized consumerist economy, our community is too dependent on distant sources for our essential needs. As the energy crisis deepens—exacerbat...
Length: 13:34
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David Rain, MA - New Activism
Whilst the traditional forms of activism can and have played their part. They often serve as exhausting distractions, fighting others such as governments or corporations to bring about positive change...
Length: 6:03
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David Rain, MA - New Activism

Zen Buddhist Monastery. A new ending. Zen Buddhist Monastery. A new ending.
After a long building process Dragon Mountain Monastery conducts equinox ceremony.
The Dragon...
Length: 9:32
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Two people
One of the fastest growing and most exciting movements of today is Localization, why? Because it addresses both our environmental predicament and our severely faltering economy. Locally produced food ...
Length: 2:23
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Two people

Featured Article
Today began as usual with coffee, while the coffee water boils I rinse my sprouts. This is my morning routine. I love sprouting. These last twelve months I have enjoyed more and more raw food in my diet. I don’t really want to be all raw or all vegan for that matter. I just sincerely enjoy eating fresh green leafy veggies. I don’t eat this way because I’m afraid of losing my health or beauty, I eat this way because leafy greens taste sooo good.
When I grow my own sprouts I feel the energy, the connection, I grew this food with my own fair hands. This food is still alive when I eat it. Thou shall not kill says the bible, I don’t kill my sprouts, our lives simply blend, becoming one.
All sounds pretty harmonious right? Until this morning, as I go to rinse my red clover and daikon radish mix. This is a new mix for me and my third attempt. My third failed attempt, here they are again all covered in mold. I was mildly devastated, why was it so hard? I had tried a few different ideas to prevent this molding and nothing seemed to be working. I decided to treat myself to a café coffee, take my book chat with some friends and have a nice read. It was consolation time!
I sat with my coffee and started to read Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma. This is a really good book and a must read for anyone who eats food. I’m reading about a discussion between Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin of Polyface farms. Joel is an amazing farmer finding and creating balances between plant...
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Sowing The Seed Sowing The Seed
Length: 14:29
The end of life The end of life
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Moby Moby
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The Learning Garden The Learning Garden
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The sacred nature of Crestone Colorado The sacred nature of Crestone Colorado
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Evolution and spirituality Evolution and spirituality
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Little Guy Little Guy
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Earth Spirit Dance Earth Spirit Dance
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Building in balance creating heaven on earth Building in balance creating heaven on earth
Eugene Tsui...
Length: 9:59
21- 30 of 51
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