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The Employment Channel
Building Economic localization from the ground up.
Are you looking for a lifestyle change? Are you feeling the pinch in these tough economic times? Designed to inspire and educate, this channel contains a vast array of successful green employment opportunities. Dedicated to creating a sound foundation of localized economy and of wholesome community.
Zero Waste Hotel Zero Waste Hotel
By embracing green perspectives this business takes off in a lean economic environment. A refreshing perspective on green hotel management with Dan K...
Length: 9:16
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An Editors Journey
Ravi Dykema gives an overview of his life and passion as the editor of Nexus, Colorado's Holistic Journal....
Length: 9:34
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An Editors Journey

Indoor Farming Indoor Farming
By Scot Swordy
A nice demonstration on sprout growing.
Grow an incredible food supplement all year round in your kitchen.
This method of indoor farming can...
Length: 8:19
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What It Means To Be A Local Farmer
Developing diverse crop markets and customer relations.
Matt Romero outlines the finer points of his unique farming operation.
Matt spent many years as an executive chef before giving it up to start farming eight years ago. He started by caretaking a ...
Length: 11:44
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What It Means To Be A Local Farmer

Featured Article
The School of the New Spirituality
The School of the New Spirituality (SNS) is the vision of luminary Neale Donald Walsch author of the bestselling Conversations with God book series. The SNS encourages like-minded people around the world to join with others in their communities in creating part time programs for young people to explore spiritual, not necessarily religious, concepts regarding peace, unity, and respectful understanding of the beliefs of others. The SNS is comprised of people from all walks of life with a variety of talents and abilities who share one vision ~ to provide children of the world, and their adult leaders, with lessons of consciousness and personal responsibility to themselves and others. We are comprised of a myriad of faiths and races made up of caring and concerned parents, educators, authors, mentors and holistic practitioners, just to name a few. SNS began as "HeartLight" and has been a fully operational organization since 2002.
What We Are Doing

The intention of the SNS is to undergird the social value system and provide a bridge between separation theologies by examining a multiplicity of worldviews. We adopt no dogma or doctrine. We issue an invitation to young people and adults to examine various belief systems to encourage independent thinking in regards to one's personal answers and philosophies. We strive to serve as a supportive foundation from which communities can launch their personal vision to assist young people with resources for work and play as they learn mor...
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Going Local Means Going Green Going Local Means Going Green
Raising community integri...
Length: 5:37
Baking Bread Baking Bread
Keeping it real...
Length: 4:16
Comercial Mushroom Growing Comercial Mushroom Growing
The wonderful world of fu...
Length: 12:35
The Flower Man The Flower Man
Comercial flower growing ...
Length: 11:35
Hand Printed Clothing Hand Printed Clothing
Working from home, creati...
Length: 7:36
The Basalt Thrift Store The Basalt Thrift Store
Business philanthropy and...
Length: 13:22
Becoming a Farmer Becoming a Farmer
Length: 9:00
Forming a Co-Operative Forming a Co-Operative
Community collective empo...
Length: 13:19
1- 10 of 32
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