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Interview, you can't hear the questions just the pair's answers
by Chris Botz
"There is a portrait in the Palace of Sweet Dreams, that is what some call it. The Woman that looks out of the painting is Maria Luisa Isabela Baca. She is lonely behind the bar staring out at the crowd. The palaca as some of us like to call it, is the hub of a social wheel: on some nights it is a private club. One night, get this, it is the Yacht Club, I'd call it the liar's club, but what do I know?"

"They have poetry, jazz nights, club nights, you'd have to ask Lisa. Mellers and PastorAl, foster a lot of the arts.." .:.

"I have seen Mel answer she doesn't know, that her dad bought it, and that it is no relation or anyone she knows. Next time you go, look at the necklace. It is a Myan cartouche. In the onyx of night, green black. It lays where you'd would place your hand without touching her neck, just before you touched her breast...

She has health and luxury, in her satin and crepe, you can see aureole and shape. She has her hands paused. It is twilight, it is demasque, while she waits for an answer to the question she just asked. She still waits a hundred years later.."

"I don't know about any of that?.. Sounds like.."

"Sweet Dreams, that's right.. She was the great granddaughter of the Grant owner. And the fact that she could only have one husband and one lover, killed a number of men, soldiers, tinker's sons, traitors and all the rest, as a duel for her love commenced."

"Is there an Atlantis connection perhaps?" .:.

"I will go on. Thank you.. The cartouche promised greatness and abundance to the wearer. It just wasn't taken to mean sorrow and sadness."

"Why do you drink to forget?" "I don't know I can't remember."

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