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Everyone is hungry for something…
by Jasmuheen

Everyone is hungry for something whether it’s definable or not, however most human hungers are easy to recognize. Many people are hungry for love while others hunger for wealth. Our hunger for health and happiness also dominates our time. Right now some people hunger for retribution, while others cry out with a hunger for harmony and peace, or for justice and truth and kindness to prevail and to not send their loved ones to war.

Some people hunger for sensual satisfaction while others seek the spiritual, ready to eat enlightenment like others consume their daily food, for they are driven by a hunger that is harder to explain. Hunger expresses itself in so many ways depending on its depth and the desires that drive it. Whatever the problem in life, scratch the surface of the issue, and you will find that someone is hungry for something.

Hunger for power sees the conquest of others while hunger for knowledge sees our growth. Hunger for wealth sees the exploitation of others, while hunger for altruism sees wealth’s redistribution. Hunger for communication sees our union with others, while hunger for true food sees us often in lack. Hunger for wisdom sees us reach deep within ourselves as life then tests us to apply it. Hunger for truth leads us to discover that the Holy Grail is within containing its elixir called Spirit.

Hunger for Spirit reveals to us the Divine One Within who reveals Itself to be a master computer controller of a very complex bio-mechanism that pulses with fields that hold life - a 6.3 trillion cell mechanism that vibrates at a set speed that in turn determines the various realities we experience throughout the term of our life.

Satisfying these vast hungers has consumed the thoughts and time of leaders and sages and the curious alike, though few rarely make the time or have the desire to look at this game in greater depth. Often many are just too consumed with satisfying the hunger for survival to really find enough nourishment to begin to thrive. Those that do are either pre-programmed to do so, or stumble upon understanding the game of true nourishment through some big change in life.

The common finding among those who seek perfect nourishment is that as soon as one hunger is satiated, another is usually revealed, adding layer upon layer to the complex jigsaw of life. Keeping all our hungers properly fed becomes a time consuming passion and an art.

Feeding all our hungers takes time, attention, will-power, desire, focus, dreaming and scheming, money, energy, co-operation and union with others, communication and programming and to do so well we need a fair degree of basic skill.

Feeding our hunger successfully so we are free from feeling hungry on any level, requires holistic education for to satisfy ourselves we need to understand who we really are. To ignore any aspect of how our being, as a 6.3 trillion cell mechanism functions, is like living life in the dark and denying our sense of sight. If we have never experienced sight we do not know what we are missing, but if we have then we have a greater adjustment to make. The fact is our DOW - our Divine self - wants us to know It for It is the force behind the mechanism that breathes us and keeps us alive. We talk about DOW power in great detail in the Biofields and Bliss trilogy and how knowing it can provide us with a deep and everlasting peace, both personally and globally. It has been my experience that to release our DOW consciously through our being and to merge with It and know It fulfills
our deepest hungers.

Although our DOW exists as underlying creative frequency throughout all our cells and atoms, often Its presence has become a much weaker beat as in Dimensional Biofield Science, what we focus on will always grow. Because we have ignored the boss of our system for so long and instead focused on feeding our hungers via more material methods, Its energy field has been tuned to a more ‘basic maintenance’ mode.

The DOW in basic maintenance mode breathes us and listens to our thoughts and generally lets us play and experiment and suffer as we learn and grow. Until we begin to ask questions like ‘Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a higher purpose to this existence? Can we all live in peace on earth?’ Or ‘How can we all get along?’ Or something similar, our DOW remains relatively dormant and is unable to release Its full potential until It is invited.

Thankfully each human bio-system has been equipped with its own perfect and limitless supplier of true nourishment for our DOW has the power to satiate all our hungers. When we work consciously with DOW power and the river of Grace It naturally commands, our lives become a streamlined flow of ease and joy where nothing feels like a problem and everything operates in perfect harmony and balance within the whole.

While we can satisfy our hunger for love or health or wealth, until we satisfy our natural hunger to know our DOW we will never feel fulfilled. Every being has been programmed to know its DOW for our DOW is our bio-systems intelligent creator, a force that some call God and it is not until we remember It and merge consciously with It that we can be fulfilled. The Sages call this way of being nourished as accessing the true food of the Gods.

Identifying our Hungers: Basically our hungers can be grouped into four categories:

Physical Hunger; Emotional Hunger; Mental Hunger and Spiritual Hunger.

And then we have our community and global hungers as well.

The fact is that unless all these hungers are satisfied we will always feel restless as each human being has been encoded on a cellular level with both the knowledge and the tools to satisfy all hungers. In other words we come equipped and are self sustaining. Releasing this knowledge and these skills happens via our life’s journey and via specific actions and desires.

Physical Hunger is an obvious one and it presents itself as a feeling of emptiness in our stomach that remains there until we give it food. The type of food we choose either allows the body to remain healthy and regenerate itself or go into overdrive and try to deal with the toxicity that comes from choosing food or liquid substances that the body finds unnatural. While a copious amount of research has been done into correct physical nutrition, what we wish to move into in this book is utilizing another source of nourishment that the body can access in order to keep healthy and be disease free. The good news is that accessing this type of nourishment also satisfies our emotional, mental and spiritual hungers for this is the nature of DOW power and the Divine One Within holds the key to
a limitless source of nourishment.

The reasons for our hungers are as varied as we are, some of it goes back to being unfulfilled in our previous experiences, some to just never getting enough - like a person who felt unloved as a child and who may feel emotionally insecure and becomes hungry for love and approval. Or mothers of children who choose to remain out of the work force when their children are young may feel hungry for mental stimulation while others feel hungry for a creative outlet. Teenagers are often hungry to be let loose in the world to experience all that life has to offer them while people who are in their sunset years may feel hungry for their youth again. Similarly on a more metaphysical level, some souls hunger for an experience of life in a denser beta field world while others hunger to leave it.

There are a myriad of types of hungers and reasons for our hungers and in order to understand some of these it is helpful to look first at some of the reasons why we block our ability to be nourished, next it is helpful to explore the natural cycles of human awareness which allow us to either be open or closed to the type of information held in the ‘Divine Nutrition Series’ and also the different sources of nourishment that we have available to us which I classify as either conventional or non-conventional. But before we move on let’s look at the gifts that accessing the Divine Nutrition channel brings us and also at how altering our brain wave patterns can release our paranormal powers.

Jasmuheen will provide more data on this field of research, & tools to satisfy all our hungers, during her tours. For details go to

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