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The School of the New Spirituality
The School of the New Spirituality (SNS) is the vision of luminary Neale Donald Walsch author of the bestselling Conversations with God book series. The SNS encourages like-minded people around the world to join with others in their communities in creating part time programs for young people to explore spiritual, not necessarily religious, concepts regarding peace, unity, and respectful understanding of the beliefs of others. The SNS is comprised of people from all walks of life with a variety of talents and abilities who share one vision ~ to provide children of the world, and their adult leaders, with lessons of consciousness and personal responsibility to themselves and others. We are comprised of a myriad of faiths and races made up of caring and concerned parents, educators, authors, mentors and holistic practitioners, just to name a few. SNS began as "HeartLight" and has been a fully operational organization since 2002.
What We Are Doing

The intention of the SNS is to undergird the social value system and provide a bridge between separation theologies by examining a multiplicity of worldviews. We adopt no dogma or doctrine. We issue an invitation to young people and adults to examine various belief systems to encourage independent thinking in regards to one's personal answers and philosophies. We strive to serve as a supportive foundation from which communities can launch their personal vision to assist young people with resources for work and play as they learn more about the power of their conscious Divine nature. In SNS programs, the wisdom of the children is honored and respected.

• The Vision •
ReCreating the World Anew Through New Spirituality Education. The School of the New Spirituality enlarges and expands on the world's theologies and philosophies to embrace our diversity and deepen our understanding of one another.

To empower people to open New Spirituality programs based on universal commonground of all theologies. This unity teaching is centered on such common truths as: We Are One and We are Love, Joy and Wisdom in Human Form.

A) Help people create in their own communities New Spirituality classes, courses, camps, retreats, and events for any and all ages. Peace begins within. Peace begins at home.

B) Develop the New Spirituality University (NS-U) with leading spiritual leaders as professors of accredited degrees to empower those who wish to teach, a right livelihood in this new enrichment education arena.

New Spirituality Definition:
"The 'New Spirituality' is a way of honoring our natural impulse toward the Divine without making others wrong for the way in which they are doing it." ~ Neale Donald Walsch

The Dalai Lama, is quoted in Violence and Compassion: Conversations with the Dalai Lama, by Jean-Claude Carriere. His Eminence states, "I believe deeply that we must find, all of us together, a new spirituality. This new concept ought to be elaborated alongside the religions in such a way that all people of good will could adhere to it. We need a new concept, a lay spirituality. We ought to promote this concept with the help of scientists. It could lead us to set up what we are all looking for -- a secular morality."

Neale Donald Walsch has a vision along with countless others who wish to create a new level of peace... a worldview of peace...

In 5 years Neale would like to see little schools all over the world teaching the New Spirituality, even if they are just in a garage where children and adults come to receive instruction in the principals of the New Spirituality.

The schools will have three levels:

• One •

1st level function of the School of the New Spirituality:

For the serious student of theology – to deeply study the new spirituality in a comparative way by seeing and coming to deeply understand the differences and comparisons between the New Spirituality and more traditional, religious doctrine. Some example class topics are: New Beliefs for the New Millennium, The Nature of Divinity, and The Nature of God, We are All One , There is Nothing You Have to DO, We are Love, Joy & Wisdom in Human Form",The Illusions such as: Illusion of Superiority, Illusion of DisUnity, etc.

The two-fold purpose of the school at level 1 is to provide a comprehensive, formal education in the NS including comparative theology and other doctrine studies.

We are currently considering that there will be a certificate of completion, leading towards an accredited degree.

• Two •

2nd level function of the School of the New Spirituality:

The School of the New spirituality will serve as a local level community resource in adult education for people who want to learn more about the New Spirituality, in a more popular study course type of way. Some examples of adult classes are; a course similar to Bible study, New Spirituality and Relationships, New Spirituality and Right Livelihood, etc.

The participants in these courses will get a certificate of completion.

• Three •

3rd level function of the School of the New Spirituality:

The third function of the School of the New Spirituality will be for children. This "school" will be comprised of myriad local grassroots teams across the globe. Focused on child-centered, soul-honoring New Spirituality material, SNS programs will be a perfect latch key activity, providing a place for children to go and will include dialogue groups/book clubs, various classes such as dreammaking and community-building activities in after hours programs, mini-retreats, camps and vacation or Saturday FUN DAYS. These can be taught by some of the graduates of the adult programs. A "fast-track" SNS program development process is now available for current New Spirituality practitioners, leaders and teachers. Contact us for details on how to obtain a customized SNS leadership playshop in your area.
We are All One -- Peace Begins Now


To recreate the world anew through enrichment education programs that offer life-skills experiences in:

"The New Spirituality is a way of honoring our natural impulse toward the Divine without making others wrong for the way in which they are doing it." ~ Neale Donald Walsch


To develop, in a collaborative manner, new spirituality enrichment education classes, after hours programs, homeschool materials, leadership courses, retreats, vacation and weekend camps for young people and their adult leaders. SNS curriculum consists of the integration and inclusion of myriad spiritual Masters’ works.

How You Can Be Involved

You don't need to have impressive credentials, although we certainly embrace those who do. All you need is a shared sense that the children are our future and when we support their development those seeds of consciousness can grow into a force that's capable of changing the world in a positive way. We envision an ushering-in of a time of enlightenment where fear no longer dominates and humanity is enveloped in love, peace and a sense of unity. We believe that you and I are one and what I do to/for you I do to/for myself. There is no right or wrong way to nurture the SNS concept; that's up to what's in your heart and within your ability to create alone or with others.

SNS programs take on many forms such as clubs, after school programs, classes, summer camps, retreats, movie viewing, and discussion groups or the potential for more formal venues for people who have established wellness centers and learning institutions. We provide program support through guidance via telephone, email, teleclasses and physical weekend workshops. Our website offers "SNS Steps" such as unit lessons which outline individual "how-to's" from building a business to individual lesson plans which teach children concepts such as Acceptance, We are One, Paying it Forward, and What I Give I Get Back. Our units show how to use the messages in the Conversations with God book series and consciously integrate numerous spiritual leaders' works as well.

With the SNS team supportive infrastructure and the freedom to create what works best for your personal circumstances, the possibilities of positively impacting the lives of young people are endless. If you prefer to co-create with others while getting involved with the SNS, you can go to our SNS Connection page to find like-minded others in your area. You can also post information there about yourself so that others can find you.

You are only limited by your imagination and the amount of time and energy you have to contribute to your commitment to help kids learn and have fun the SNS way. We hope you'll join us.

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