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Creating Peace by Being Peace
by Gabriel Cousens
World Peace—the healing of the world—is achieved through a very simple principle: We Create Peace By Being Peace. It is this universal truth that has inspired the Peace Every Day Initiative, a global, collective, daily, meditation of peace. The purpose is to unite a minimum of 8,000 people, while holding the vision of 144,000 or more people, to meditate/pray by becoming the vibration of peace for 40 minutes or more each day at sunrise or sunset. This powerful thought-form of peace is enough to shift the global consciousness so that we may fully celebrate peace on earth!

Launching the Initiative ~
Peace Every Day Initiative is being launched on November 8, 2003 at sunset. This date is the time of an astrological Harmonic Concordance. The concordance is a lunar eclipse and a six planet configuration in the shape of the Star of David which is said to accelerate the healing of karma, heal the waters of the planet, heal the ecosystem, elevate consciousness, and harmonize male and female into sacred relationship, a subtle relationship which supports people in living in the Divine Presence. It is an accelerated opportunity for humans to work collectively to enhance the transformation of the planet.

It begins by simply actualizing the practice of being peace by meditating/praying at the time of sunset and continuing daily with the commitment. All are invited to make a commitment to this matrix of peace at anytime—so that Peace Every Day Initiative may gain momentum until 8,000 or more peace workers around the globe are holding the vibration of Peace on Earth!

Making the Commitment of Peace ~
In order that we may usher in the reign of peace, the Peace Every Day Initiative asks that each person who feels deeply connected to the process of peace on earth to make a commitment for a minimum of four years to be peace for 40 minutes or more each day, 5-7 days per week, by meditating or praying at sunrise or sunset. A meditation/prayer of 40 minutes (or longer) has been selected to honor the sacred number of 40, a number of purification. This amount of time will support each participant in experiencing a quiet mind and becoming and sustaining the vibration of peace. We create this collective vortex of peace at the time of sunrise or sunset, the two nodal times of the day in which it is easiest to go into meditation and the vibrations of peace are most effectively transmitted into the global brain.

Honoring All Spiritual Paths ~
Peace Every Day Initiative acknowledges the many people around the world that have a committed, daily meditation practice and honors all forms of meditation/prayer. The purpose of the Peace Every Day Initiative is to create a global link in intention and consciousness so that each of our unique spiritual expressions can become strong threads woven together in the tapestry of peace. The Peace Every Day Initiative practice of creating peace by being peace is whatever form of meditation or prayer that is meaningful to you, whether it is Jewish/Kabbalistic/Essene, Yogic, Christian, Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist, Native American or that of any spiritual path.

The Practice ~
The practice is to simply quiet the mind, and create a feeling-experience of peace. Meditation is a very common way of doing this that is harmonious with all spiritual paths. —But for those who don’t meditate/pray, it may simply be to visualize and experience yourself in the beauty of nature, with the sound of a bubbling stream, or birds chirping, or the silence of a tree.— Move into silence, and from that silence, create the thought, emotion, and feeling of complete peace in every cell in the body and every aspect of your being. Meditation itself, which is the effortless dissolving into the One is the fullest manifestation of this vibration of peace. Allow yourself to have the feeling-based experience that the peace you are being has already happened globally, as if the world is already in the Thousand Years of Peace. Peace is now! Experience gratefulness, appreciation, and thankfulness to the Divine for this Thousand Years of Peace happening.

Being Our Peace Prayer/Meditation ~
In order to effectively usher in the new paradigm of peace through a group collective effort of prayer/meditation, it is important that we create a feeling-based prayer in which we are being our prayer. The ancient Essene-Kabbalistic teaching (on which Greg Braden’s “Isaiah Effect” is based) has a specific word for this technology of prayer-- l’hitpallel. It is a unique expression, which is profoundly different than the contemporary meaning of prayer that infers praying to God or begging God to change God’s mind (as if God is outside of us). L’hitpallel is a verb. It means to do something to oneself. This way of being in prayer is embodied in the Native American way. The Native American shamans did not pray for rain, they prayed rain. L’hitpallel is not about some external God hearing prayers; it is about us being our prayers, in other words, to hear our own prayers by being them. This is the key technology. We create a feeling of peace, rather than a prayer asking for peace. In l’hitpallel, we are actively and intentionally filling our hearts and having a feeling-based experience of what it is that we are creating. It is feeling that what we are praying for has already happened, and for this we stay in a state of thankfulness. (If this ancient prayer/meditation doesn’t resonate with you, any form of prayer/meditation with a sincere heart creates a vibration of peace.)
To create peace we must change ourselves—becoming what it is that we wish to see in ourselves and in the world. When we change ourselves, we change the whole situation. This feeling-based prayer puts into place the vibratory possibilities of a particular outcome—in this case world peace. In other words, we create a collective resonance that becomes a holographic model of peace consciousness. Peace Prevails on Earth.

A Global Collective Effort ~
It has been hypothesized that as little as the square root of one percent of the world population, which is approximately 8,000 people, is enough to shift the global mind into one of world consciousness for peace. It is for this reason that the Peace Every Day Initiative is committed to inspire at least 8,000 people to collectively create a powerful thought-form of peace, every day. Our vision is that the number of people meditating collectively through consciousness and intention will soon surpass 144,000, a sacred number for the healing of the world that will bring the Thousand Years of Peace. May the initiative spread to include millions of committed peace workers world-wide.
History shows us that it takes more than a few peace celebrations to sustain peace on earth. This is the time to step-up the effort of our intention and become a continuous, active, global vibration of peace.

The Global Mind ~
The global mind, although there are occasional sparks of peace through the efforts of many peace workers, is still dominated by the consciousness of fear, global greed, global economism and war. Given this, How will lasting peace be effected? Since some people are willing to put so much effort and sacrifice into creating a global vibration of war for self-gain and global domination, in order to shift the global mind there needs to be an equal, daily, sustained effort in creating a global resonance of peace. This global resonance will manifest more quickly as people from diverse backgrounds and religious and spiritual traditions are willing to come together in a spirit of cooperation and unity by acting with an attitude of tolerance and love. We actually become a living experience of peace. In this way, we realize what the Prophet Zechariah taught, “Not by might, and not by power, but by spirit alone, will we all live in peace.”

Being the Sevenfold Peace ~
From the Essene tradition, peace is not just an external political protocol, it is an active sevenfold process of creating peace, harmony and love with the One—Peace with the body, the mind, the spirit, one’s family, society, the ecology of the living planet, and the Divine Presence. In this process, we create peace by being peace. It is from this place of inner peace that we have more energy and vision to be outer peace, to create the vibration that will sustain an outer peace. This process does not begin with politicians, nationalism or world economic policies. It depends on us, the people, taking responsibility to create such a strong thought-form and feeling of peace that the global mind shifts away from that of war consciousness to a global village of peace consciousness, from that economic greed, competition and domination to one of synergy and cooperation, from separation from the Divine and need to conquer nature to one of harmony with nature and humanity, from the concept of the accumulation of wealth and material resources as the purpose of life to one of synergy and cooperation and of receiving in order to share so that the whole planet may evolve spiritually.

Collective Meditation/Prayer ~
The act of meditating/praying together is a powerful way for each of us to be the peace process. This technology for true world peace transformation--the healing of the world-Tikkun Olam in the Kabbalistic Tradition--already exists. All that is needed is enough people to participate in awakening to and sustaining this truth. The transformation to peace consciousness accelerates when there is a critical mass in population that join together from all different walks of life, ages, spiritual and religious traditions, to pray and meditate--creating peace by being peace. The presence of every single person makes a difference. In Leviticus 26:8 it says, “A hundred of you shall chase away ten thousand.” This ancient truth of the power of uniting in peace, which has been with us for over 3,400 years, has some illuminating contemporary, scientific support.

Science Supports Collective Meditation/Prayer ~
The Peace Every Day Initiative has been deeply inspired and validated by many scientific research projects that clearly demonstrate the power and effectiveness of group meditation/prayer in the process of creating peace. The following are just some of the illuminating examples.
The idea that a critical mass of meditators being peace in a specific population area can create positive social change has been supported by over 300 studies. For example, in 1973, Dilbeck and Associates found in 22 similar cities, of populations of approximately 25,000, that in half of these cities, where one percent of the population was using the Transcendental Meditation (TM) practice, there was 16 percent less crime.

In a similar type of study by TM, 350 meditators were brought in for a period of three months in the State of Rhode Island. Researchers observed that there was over a 43 percent drop in social disorder, including suicides, homicides, divorce, traffic fatalities, rapes, robbery, aggravated assaults and larceny, and even a drop in beer and cigarette sales. After the meditators left, the statistics for social disorder went back to “normal.” In order to prove that this drop of 43 percent was not a fluke, the TM meditators repeated the same experiment the next summer, and found a similar drop in the statistics of social disorder.
Group prayer and meditation not only affects the consciousness of people towards peace, but research by Dr. Buryl Payne on the solar effects of the Peace the 21st world peace meditations, shows that we even affect the whole solar system. In studying sunspot activity around the time of the Peace the 21st meditations, he found an average of 36 decrease in sunspot activity for the following four days after each meditation. His previous statistical research points out that a decrease in sunspot activity is associated with more social harmony on earth.

Physicists have discovered, also, that the principle of critical mass is seen in nature. They have found that in the use of physics laser technology, when eight of sixty-four random photons become synchronized, the other fifty-six random photons spontaneously become synchronized in a laser form. Again supporting the principle that when the square root is coherent it brings coherence to the larger whole.

Two sets of research done at the Heartmath Institute have further clarified the power of feeling-based prayer. Their researchers found two sets of information: (1) When DNA is placed in a vacuum, it creates a subtle energy field template that organizes the photon patterns, and even when the DNA is taken away, the photon pattern remains. (2) Researchers found that our emotional state creates an electromagnetic field that extends at least 50 feet, affecting leaves, trees, and all of nature. This research clearly documents the relationship between feelings and the physical world. In other words, human thought and emotion create a feeling that literally organizes the arrangement and frequency of our cellular DNA. Our DNA gives off a frequency that arranges and affects the molecular structures, both inside our body, creating health or illness, and also affects the structures outside our body. Therefore, as we change our emotions and thoughts, we create a feeling that changes the DNA. This change in DNA changes the consciousness pattern outside of ourselves in all of nature, including us human beings and our consciousness, as we are a part of nature. By the state of our consciousness we have the opportunity to create a social matrix of peace that can heal the planet.

As pointed out in PEDI Founder, Gabriel Cousens’, M.D., first book, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, we are living human crystals, and the heart and brain are huge liquid crystals that give off powerful electromagnetic fields. Researchers have since found there is a five to eight foot electromagnetic field extending from the human body around the heart that they have measured. It may actually extend for miles with more sensitive measuring. The heart gives off a field that regulates the brain, the brain affects the immune system, and the brain then sends the message not only to the immune system, but also to the rest of the body. This basically regulates human feeling, which then affects the DNA and the DNA vibrates into nature, affecting all of nature. As illustrated by Buryl Payne’s research, this field goes beyond the 50 feet to literally affecting the solar system.It has long been known that electromagnetic fields in nature can affect barometric pressure, and that the electromagnetic fields of humans in group prayer can create rain or tornadoes. Once, with Swami Muktananda in South Fallsburg, NY there was a concern about a drought in Texas. The group, including PEDI Founder, Gabriel, meditated for it to rain in Texas. Well, first it rained on us, which was not exactly what we expected, and then it rained the next day in Texas. We can create rain--we can create a reign of peace.

The “Silent Minute” ~
There are many testaments to the powerful effects of collective meditation/prayer. The “Silent Minute” is a historic example of the victory of this effort.

The concept of the “Silent Minute” each day was developed in Britain in World War II. People were asked to devote one minute of prayer for peace at nine o’clock each evening. This dedicated minute received the support of King George, Sir Winston Churchill and his Cabinet. It was also recognized by President Roosevelt and observed on land and at sea on the battlefields, in air raid shelters and in hospitals. With Churchill’s support, the BBC, on Sunday, November 10, 1940, began to play the bells of Big Ben on the radio as a signal for the Silent Minute. This continued daily from 1942 to the end of the war, totaling millions of people.

An interesting anecdote emphasizes the profound power of the group meditation of the Silent Minute. In 1945, a British intelligence officer was interrogating a high Nazi official. He asked him why he thought Germany lost the war. His reply was, “During the war, you had a secret weapon for which we could find no counter measure, which we did not understand, but it was very powerful. It was associated with the striking of the Big Ben each evening. I believe you called it the ‘Silent Minute.’”

The Need for A Daily Commitment ~
The question one asks as a peace worker is, “Why haven’t our collective peace efforts created a lasting shift . . . yet?” Research on this question by Transcendental Meditation was that the effect of group meditation begins to fade approximately three weeks after the critical mass is no longer actively meditating in an area. This is why it is necessary at this point to go beyond a single world-wide event, four big events a year, monthly events and even weekly meditation groups, to bring the process of inner and outer peace to a daily experience of creating peace by being peace.

Please Register Your Commitment ~
In order to catalog that we have reached the vision of 8,000/144,000 or more people meditating each day, we would appreciate if you would register on the Peace Every Day website, (Your e-mail address will only be used to notify you of the progress of this project. It will not be available for any other purpose.) We hope that those who already have a dedicated practice of meditation will register. An important part of the initiative is to learn how many people world-wide are meditating—thereby holding the vibration of peace. As the initiative grows, the website will allow you to discover how many people have committed to the Peace Every Day Initiative, the practice of daily meditation, and also support those who wish to connect with others in their local area to form Peace Every Day Initiative meditation groups.

Blessings ~
May you be blessed for your choice to consciously cooperate in the healing of yourself and the healing of the soul of the world.

About the Founder, Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomat in Ayurveda ~
Rav. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomat in Ayurveda is an internationally celebrated spiritual teacher, Senior Essene Teacher, Yogi, world peace-worker, holistic physician, and best selling author of several books on spirituality, nutrition, and peace. He is the Founder/Director of the Tree of Life Foundation, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, and Essene Order of Light in Patagonia, Arizona where he celebrates life with his sacred partner, Shanti Golds Cousens.

Since 1965, Gabriel, along with many others, has been working to create world peace by being peace. As a world peace-worker for over 38 years, part of his mission is to help inspire the awareness that a new level of effort and cooperation is necessary if true peace is to be sustained on earth. After an intensive spiritual process of creating true, lasting inner peace and coming to realize the peace of the Self, Gabriel now had the depth of understanding necessary to begin the next level of peace work. This seed from which the idea of the Peace Every Day Initiative has evolved has been nurtured in many ways: As a leader in Peace the 21st in which groups world-wide (which has now reached over 39 countries) and at the United Nations in New York have been meditating for peace each equinox and solstice since 1985; Co-facilitating a collective of 3,000 people in Sonoma County, California meditating for peace in conjunction with a world-wide peace ceremony at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, which many felt brought down the wall in Germany; Organizing a large yearly group meditation for peace in Sonoma County, California for World Peace Hour in which people world-wide meditate for one hour at a single time on New Year’s; Participating as a Sundancer for four years in the traditional Lakota Sundance ceremony, and now as a Lakota Ghost Dancer (now called Spirit Dance); Working with Peace the 21st and Global Family to create the World Peace Tour through Europe, deactivating the negative energies in concentration camps in Germany and Poland; Working as an Essene Elder to bring the consciousness of peace through ancient, activated, spiritual teachings and the Essene lifestyle and being a vehicle for the ancient prophetic Ruah Hakodesh/Shaktipat initiation, the decent of grace that activates the inherent spiritualizing force within; And directing the Tree of Life Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to activating the healing and awakening of the individual and the planet.

It is this background of experience in the peace movement and personal experience of true inner peace that has birthed the Peace Every Day Initiative, the next evolutionary step in peace work—creating peace by being peace, every day.

The full expression of Gabriel’s work can be explored through the Tree of Life Foundation website,

Peace Prevails on Earth. Mitakuye Oyasin. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Shalom. Shalom. Shalom.

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