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Scot Swordy
Born in England 1963. Growing up at the end of the hippie era only to find myself in the thick of disco and Margaret Thatcher, which, between the two ushered in punk rock and deep recession. Leaving school and being informed that finding a job was a very long shot and the job, if I found it was going to be horribly low in wage and deadly boring. What a view of life and potentiality!

I knew there had to be more so I hit the road, vibrant life had to be somewhere. I ended up traveling for ten years around Europe eventually washing up on the shores of New York. Feeling the need to stay in one place I settled down as they say, got married had two wonderful kids. Stayed married for as long as one can in western culture. Separated shared the kids moved next door.

Even though I felt that I’d had an incredible life, full of sailing adventures far flung travels and truly amazing kids, I still felt that there should be so much more. More meaning, more joy more fun. I was looking for an overwhelming vibrancy. I realized I had always been in search of this, I had read world history in the hope of learning from cultures gone by. I studied spiritual evolution, I leapt with glee on the new age band wagon. I studied globalization, localization, just give me any ization but this one.

Having now passed forty times around the sun I decided to go full time into vibrancy and potentiality discovery. I wanted to be on the unfolding cutting edge of human evolution. One thing I was sure of was that certain people are living incredible realities, and more and more people were learning to live this way. I wanted to share with as many people as possible the highest potential lifestyles that I could find.

This is how Life and Love tv was born, designed as a living ever growing and unfolding documentary on the incredible potentiality of life.

Kailash provides technical consultation to the production crew on all high-definition equipment, computers, storage devices, and software. He maintains the website and servers for He also owns and operates Kailash Computing Services -

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